I keep getting paper alignment failures when inserting paper in the top tray feed.

  • If the paper is completely blank, try loading the other end to see if it will work better.
  • If the paper already has something printed on it, this may cause a high rate of failure loading the paper. The printer can be seen analyzing the paper with a red and green laser but I don't know what it is checking. If you are trying to print four different 3x5 photos on the same sheet, for example, it can be a lot quicker to keep putting the page in the cassette feeder, as the cassette feed doesn't seem to have this problem at all.

Update: Brad writes, "I've found the best solution is to change the Skew Check to the Loose setting. Also, I read somewhere that the printer does analyze the upper left-hand corner to see if something is already printed on it and will reject the paper if there is."

Note: Since most users haven't reported problems, you may want to call Canon service to see if your printer requires a service call.