Selected Luminous Landscape Discussion Forum Canon iPF Threads

Updated 4/19/11

These threads, most focused on the new iPFX300 generation of printers, may be of interest to you. They cover a period of time from April, 2010 to the present.

Ipf 8300 or epson 9890?

iPF8300 phantom media type

Epson LF vs. Canon LF

Canon iPF8300/Breathing Color Experience Report

True Black and White on Canon IPF 8300

ipf8300 ink usage stats

Moving a Canon ipf8100

Poor out-of-the-box color for Canon iPF8300

Which media settings for Ilford GFS on Canon 8300?

64-bit Plugin for Canon iPFx100 printers and CS5 on OSX released

Hahnemuhle Sugar Cane, ipf8300 and media type

Printing borderless ipf6100

Canon x300 MCT custom media type and PS plugin potenially serious bug

Canon 8300 profile confusion

Canon IPF 6300 / 8300 Print Samples, How Did They Do That?

Print Permanence Canon ipf8300 vs HP Z3200

CS5 Plugin for Win X64 Platforms Released for iPF 6300/8300

Canon 8300 sheet feeding

Smallest cut sheet margin on ipf8300?

About to Pull the Pin on a new IPF8300 - Moving the beast...

Canon 6300/8300 Dmax?

Printing small on the iPF6300?

Canon 8300 vs Epson 9900

Considering a Canon iPF6300

IPF8300 printing woes

Canon iPF 8300 paper handling

Canon ipf 8300 dimensions without stand

ipf6300 vs ipf6100 gamut

Canon x300 Media Configuration Tool

Can Canon 6300 series inks be used in a 6100 series printer?

Custom paper size in the Canon IPF drivers

Epson 9900 vs. Canon ipf8300 for canvas production

IPF8300 and Epson Exhibition Fiber - Scratches

Printer short term colour stability

Canon X300 MCT Third-Party Paper Profiles

Comparing resistance to scuffing on fine art papers w/Epson vs Canon printers

ipf8300 being delivered on Monday - any caveats?

Canon 6300 Black&White Printing

iPF6300 review

Canon iPF6300

iPF5100 Roll Cutting

Using Epson paper on an Canon IPF6300

Review of New X300 Canon Printers on LL

IPF6300 info

Canon Printer Plug-In versus QImage for Canon IPF?

Canon IPF Series - How to Blogs

Epson x880 series vs. Canon x100 Series

Wireless Printing