How do I run a printhead alignment once the printer and software have been installed?

Use 6 sheets of good quality paper so you won't get ink bleed or poor reflectivity causing problems with the alignment. A printhead alignment can be performed:

  • From the Printer Control Panel:
    • Menu button -> Adjust Printer -> Auto Head Adj -> Advanced Adj (Note: Advanced recommended)
  • From the GARO Status Monitor:
    • Maintenance tab -> Printhead Adjustment

What is the difference between Standard and Advanced printhead alignment?

Standard Alignment is the alignment done when you are first setting up the printer. Advanced alignment prints 6 pages instead of the 5 printed with Standard. The first page is unique to Advanced, the remaining 5 pages appear identical to the Standard alignment pages. According to Canon Tech Support, it is best to use Advanced Printhead Alignment, as it does the alignment per color, but be sure to use a glossy type paper to get a very exact alignment. The Manual refers to the Advanced Head Alignment as adjusting the nozzle, ink tank, and printing direction.

During the initial printhead alignment I got Printhead (r) Check Printhead error and Printhead Nozzle Error--check nozzles.


I started my printer setup and during the printhead alignment it came up with the Printhead (r) Check Printhead error and Printhead Nozzle Error--check nozzles. Checking the manual it says to reload the printhead. With hesitation (because of lost ink) I ran the replace right printhead in the maintenance menu. That did not work, the same error came back.


I talked with canon support today and they are going to send out a new printhead. I also asked if they can cover ink loss during printhead replacement and they are going to check on that. On the printer my left print head ink (all ink) shows 4 bars, the right printhead ink after printhead remove/reinstall shows 2 bars. I think right side showed 4 bars prior to printhead removal/reinstall. Another poster reports: "I had a similar issue and they sent me a new full set of inks." It may be a good idea to request a replacement Maintenance Tank as well, since loading the new printhead used up the Maintenance Tank for one user.