How can printhead cleaning be run manually, and how much ink is required?

A printhead cleaning can be performed:

  • From the Printer Control Panel:
    • Menu button -> Head Cleaning (Head Cleaning A or Head Cleaning B)
    • OR Hold Information button for 3 seconds for Head Cleaning A
  • From the GARO Status Monitor:
    • Maintenance tab -> Printhead Cleaning (Printhead Cleaning A or Printhead Cleaning B)

Differences in Head Cleaning Routines:

  • Printhead Cleaning A - 4 minutes; reportedly the printer goes through a cleaning cycle, then tests the heads (uses approximately 10 ml of ink per data from Tom Huxley)
  • Printhead Cleaning B - 6 minutes; reportedly the printer goes through 3 cleaning cycles, then tests the heads. John Hollenberg measured 72.6 ml ink used for the "strong" cleaning (in Service Mode), presumed to be the same as Head Cleaning B.