I can't install the software on my Athlon 64 processor based computer.

Problem: If you are installing an iPF5000 on an Athlon 64 based PC, you may discover that the software won't install. There is a major compatibility problem with “Demo Shield” and some 64 bit processors. On my computer DemoShield crashed a half dozen times.

Workaround: "Autorun" on the distribution disk calls "DemoShield" that in turn runs and displays the main menu screen allowing the enduser to start the install. DemoShield is a product of Macrovision is licensed for use to software developers like Canon. InstallSheild, a product of InstallShield Software Corp., is called by DemoShield and actually dose all of the leg work in setting up the drivers. A simple if somewhat time-consuming work-around is to manually install via the old tried and true “InstallShield” facilities found on the distribution “User Software” CD. Go to /DSE/EUS/winxp and click on SETUP to start the process. If you are installing in non English language substitute the directory for your language in place of "EUS".

Note: Another poster reports, "For what it's worth I had no problems installing on a Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core on Windows XP Media edition. I just put the CD in and ran the installer."