Generic Profiles for Non-Canon Papers

Booksmart Studio has a large number of profiles available by subscribing to their profile service for $100 per year. When the profile library could be freely browsed, they had iPF5100/6100 profiles for the following papers (probably have a lot more now):

  • Booksmart
    • Fine Art Metals
  • Bergger
    • PN32
  • Canon
    • Fine Art Bright White
    • Fine Art Enhanced Velvet
    • Fine Art Natural
    • Fine Art Watercolor Paper
    • Glossy Photo Paper
    • Matte Canvas
    • Premium Bright Photo Gloss
    • Premium Bright Photo Satin
    • Satin Photo Paper
  • Crane
    • Museo Silver Rag
  • Epson
    • Enhanced Matte
  • Fredrix
    • 901WR
  • Hahnemuhle
    • Albrecht Durer
    • Bamboo
    • Fine Art Pearl
    • German Etching
    • Photo Rag 188
    • Photo Rag 308
    • Photo Rag Bright White 310 (Matte Paper)
    • Photo Rag Bright White 310 (Premium Matte)
    • Photo Rag Pearl
    • Photo Rag Satin
    • Torchon
  • Harman
    • Gloss FB Al
    • Matte FB
  • Innova
    • FibaPrint Gloss Bright White
    • FibaPrint Gloss Warmtone
    • FibaPrint Semimatte
    • FibaPrint Ultrasmooth Gloss (SGPP)
    • FibaPrint Ultrasmooth Gloss (Special 5)

Canson Infinity

  • Arches Aquarelle 240gsm
  • Arches Aquarelle 310gsm
  • Arches Velin Museum Rag 250gsm
  • Arches Velin Museum Rag 315gsm
  • Artist Canvas Professional Gloss 390gsm
  • Artist Canvas WR Matte 390gsm
  • BFK Rives 310gsm
  • Edition Etching Rag 310gsm
  • Mi-Teintes 170gsm
  • Montval Aquarelle 310gsm
  • Montval Torchon 280gsm
  • Museum Canvas WR Matte 440gsm
  • PhotoGloss Premium RC 270gsm
  • PhotoSatin Premium RC 270gsm
  • Platine 310 gsm
  • Rag Photographique 210gsm
  • Rag Photographique 310gsm
  • Rag Photographique Duo 220gsm


  • Museo
  • Museo Artist Cards
  • Museo II
  • Museo Maestro Gloss Canvas
  • Museo Max
  • Museo Portfolio Rag
  • Museo Silver Rag

Hahnemuhle profiles for both Hahnemuhle & Lumijet Papers; includes X300 printer profiles for most papers

  • Fine Art Baryta
  • Fine Art Pearl
  • Photo Rag Baryta
  • Photo Rag Pearl
  • Photo Rag Satin
  • Bamboo
  • Natural Art Duo
  • Photo Rag
  • Photo Rag Bright White
  • Photo Rag Ultrasmooth
  • Albrecht Duerer
  • German Etching
  • Museum Etching
  • Sugarcane
  • Torchon
  • William Turner
  • Canvas Artist
  • Daguerre Canvas
  • Fine Art Canvas
  • Goya Canvas
  • Monet Canvas
  • Lumijet
    • Genuine Pearl II
    • Glossy Two Sides
    • Matte Two Sides
    • Museum Parchment
    • Natural Pearl
    • Photo Art
    • Photo Gloss
    • Photo Pearl
    • Photo White
    • Photo White Pearl
    • Photo White Satin
    • Ultra Gloss II
    • White Velvet


Note: No iPF5000 profiles

  • Gloss FB AL
  • Gloss FB AL Warmtone
  • Matte FB MP
  • Matte FB MP Warmtone

Hawk Mountain Sparse coverage of their papers for iPF printers

Ilford Galeria Profiles for iPF8100; also has profiles for X300 printers

  • Gold Fiber Silk
  • Smooth Gloss
  • Smooth Pearl
  • Fine Art Canvas
  • Fine Art Matte
  • Fine Art Weave


  • InkjetArt Micro Ceramic Luster

Innova Digital Art

  • FibaPrint White Gloss
  • FibaPrint Warmtone Gloss
  • FibaPrint White Semi-matte
  • FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss
  • FibaPrint White Matte
  • Smooth Cotton High White
  • Smooth Cotton Natural White
  • Soft Textured Natural White
  • Cold Press Rough Textured
  • Soft White Cotton
  • Fine Art Canvas Matte
  • Photo Canvas Matte
  • Photo Canvas Ultra Gloss

Kodak Premium Rapid-Dry Photographic Papers

According to Kier Darby, the following Kodak papers produce superb results with the iPF5000 for around half the price of the equivalent Canon papers. They are available in 17" x 30m rolls and are highly recommended.

  • Premium Rapid-Dry Photographic Glossy Paper / 260g
  • Premium Rapid-Dry Photographic Lustre Paper / 260g

Lexjet (with Media Type for profile; includes X300 printers)

  • Sunset Gloss - Heavyweight Glossy Photo Paper 2
  • Sunset Hot Press Rag - Fine Art Watercolor
  • Sunset Select Matte Canvas - Matte Canvas 2
  • Sunset Texured Fine Art - Fine Art Watercolor
  • Sunset Fibre Matte - Fine Art Watercolor
  • Premium Archival Matte - Fine Art Watercolor
  • Sunset Esatin - Special 5
  • Instant Dry Satin Canvas - Heavywght SemiGlos Photo Paper 2
  • Sunset Fibre Gloss - Heavywght SemiGlos Photo Paper 2
  • Sunset Photo Semi-Matte - Heavywght SemiGlos Photo Paper 2
  • Sunset Cotton Etching - Fine Art Watercolor
  • Sunset Fibre Elite - Heavywght SemiGlos Photo Paper 2
  • Sunset Fibre Satin - Heavywght SemiGlos Photo Paper 2
  • Sunset Fibre Natural - Heavywght SemiGlos Photo Paper 2
  • Sunset Eclispe DS - Fine Art Watercolor
  • Water Resistant Satin Cloth - Fine Art Watercolor
  • Universal Photo Canvas Matte - Fine Art Watercolor
  • TC Water Resistant PolyProplyene - Fine Art Watercolor
  • TC Water Resistant Self Adhesive PolyPropylene - Fine Art Watercolor
  • TC Aquavinyl PSA - Fine Art Watercolor
  • TC Blockout Scrim Banner - Fine Art Watercolor
  • TC ThriftyBanner - Fine Art Watercolor
  • LexJet 8 Mil Production Satin Photo Paper - Poster Semi-Glossy Photo Paper
  • Sunset Select Gloss Canvas - Special 3
  • PhotoTex - Special 8

Moab Paper (includes X300 printers)

  • Colorado Fiber Gloss
  • Colorado Fiber Satine
  • Entrada Rag Bright
  • Entrada Rag Natural
  • Somerset Photo Satin
  • Anasazi Canvas Premium Matte
  • Lasal Photo Matte
  • Lasal Photo Gloss
  • Lasal Photo Luster
  • Somerset Enhanced Velvet
  • Somerset Enhanced Textured
  • Moenkopi Unyru
  • Moenkopi Kozo
  • Moenkopi Bizan
  • Pina Zangaro Matte

Red River Paper (includes X300 printers)

UltraPro Gloss 2.0
UltraPro Satin 2.0
Arctic Polar Gloss
Arctic Polar Satin
Arctic Polar Luster
Polar Matte Papers
Premium Matte Papers
Aurora Fine Art White
Aurora Fine Art Natural


  • One report that the Booksmart profile for Hahnemuhle Photo Rag lays down too much ink. The poster went back and did more testing. He found that the best result (for him) was using the Booksmart profile with the Media Type of Fine Art Heavyweight Photo. Eric Kunsman of Booksmart Studio has replied "We used 'Premium Matte as the media type for Canon 308 g Photo Rag because in our testing we were able to achieve a better density with this media type. If anyone is having any trouble with our ICC profiles or have suggestions for different media settings, please feel free to contact us at We are always willing to listen and help. Over 350 ICC profiles for the Canon machines have been downloaded with very few complaints. If you need to ask about our settings, please feel free." Note: Booksmart Studio now has two FREE profiles for Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, one with media type of Premium Matte and one with Fine Art Textured. Now that is service!
  • John Hollenberg (who created and maintains the Wiki) tested another Booksmart profile created for Innova F Type Gloss and found the profile to be excellent. Another poster (Hugh) reported similarly postive experience with this profile: " I just used the Booksmart profile for Innova F-Type Gloss, and it looks really really good."
  • Booksmart Fine Art Metal is for printing on special Aluminum and Gold substrates which can be purchased from Booksmart Studio. According to the web site, "Users must overcoat the metal after printing due to the nature of ink sitting on metal. One can coat with Clearstar Coatings for a matte, semi-gloss, or gloss finish. One can also laminate the fine art metals, which is often more accurate and reliable but expensive for initial setup. Waterproof ink will run because the ink sitting on the inkjet coating, so please remember to overcoat or laminate your prints."
  • Two reports that the generic profiles from Ilford are sub-standard on IPF5000.
  • The Lexjet profile for Hahnemuhle Torchon still uses Special 3, which uses Photo Black ink. This is presumably an error. All of their profiles for Lexjet papers are now correct.