Matboard/Paper Colors

Excel Spreadsheet contributed by Lou Dina with measured White Point for various matboards and papers:

Caveat from Lou: My Eye One Pro model is equipped with a permanent UV cutoff filter. It is designed to prevent optical brighteners from skewing data when building profiles, which is a good thing, since optical brighteners can result in profiles that print a lot yellower than expected (compensating for the bluish white light from the OBAs). But, the spectro also sees papers with optical brighteners as much yellower than we humans do.

Today, I was comparing a matte paper with optical brighteners (Red River Aurora Bright White) to another paper that has no optical brighteners at all. The Aurora is MUCH whiter to my eyes than the other paper, which looked pale yellow in comparison. But the spectro sees the Aurora as yellower and darker than the other paper, since it filters our the fluorescing effect of the OBAs in the paper.

It might be better to remove this file from the Wiki list, since it may really mislead people. For example, it shows that Somerset Photo Enhanced Radiant White paper is brighter and whiter than Aurora BW. To the spectro it is, but to the eye, NO WAY. If people buy paper based on this spreadsheet, they will be led astray.

I'd expect the readings to be very close to an Eye One without UV cutoff filter on papers that don't use optical brighteners. Most OBA's do eventually fizzle out over time, and I would expect my UV filtered reading to give a closer estimate of what the viewer will see as time goes on, since as the brighteners fade, you will lose that fluorescing effect. An unfiltered reading should give a much better sense of what people will see right out of the box, before the OBA's begin to fade.